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The 99-Cent Poinsettia

I sifted through the Black Friday ads like many people Thanksgiving morning to see which products retailers were offering at mega-low prices. Big-screen TVs, digital cameras and navigation devices, many of which were displayed on ad covers, were some of the biggest draws. The cover of Home Depot’s Black Friday ad in my region had

Producing Potted Lilies

In the last issue of Greenhouse Grower, I wrote about Longwood Gardens’ lily program and included tips for summer production of Asiatic potted lilies. I covered basics on lily bulb and cultivar selection and choosing the right potting mix. In this article, I will further detail lily production, the growing environment, water and fertility programs,

Quantifying The Quality

For greenhouse growers, the U.S. Green Building Council is a tough nut to crack, especially when it comes to its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification process. LEED is a prestigious third-party certification program and a national benchmark that promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability in five key areas of human and environmental

Open Your Mind To Open Roof

Why spend thousands of dollars every month to cool a greenhouse with exhaust fans when nature can do it for free? An open-roof greenhouse can drive down your energy costs significantly–but for many, this option has been priced out of reach.  X.S. Smith, however, believes the Sun Ridge is an answer to affordability questions. Unlike

Talking Shop: Injecting Fertilizer

One of the time-honored and automatic points of interest for most growers is the fertilizer-injection area. Think about it: After the central boiler room, fertilizer injection and associated water treatment is usually viewed as ground zero for most of the production practices that occur downstream. It’s highly unlikely we’ve toured a range without purposefully seeking

Understanding Plant Nutrition: Geranium Nutrition

View more images from this story here. Seed and zonal geraniums are iron-efficient crops that are prone to iron/manganese toxicity when the media-pH gets too low. Once plants show toxicity symptoms of necrotic spots and marginal burn (Figure 1), the affected leaves do not completely heal. The only options become shipping lower-quality plants–to take additional

Sakata Skipping Spring Trials

Sakata, breeder of genetics like the SunPatiens series, Profusion zinnias and Festival gerberas, is changing its approach to marketing trials. Sakata will not take part in the 2010 California Spring Trials and will focus on multiple events at venues in both North America and Europe. Here is a snapshot of some of the marketing events

New Perennials For 2010

Here are a few new perennials mail-order nursery Wayside Gardens is introducing for 2010. Hosta ‘Mighty Mouse’ In early summer, abundant lavender blooms on 12-inch scapes top the foliage, luring hummingbirds to come feast in the shade. The leaves remain until winter frost, always looking their best. This Hosta earns its name with very substantial,