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About Allan Armitage

Allan Armitage was a professor in the Department of Horticulture at the University of Georgia for 30 years. He recently retired and remains an active consultant, author and lecturer.

Penstemons Merit More Attention

In the Trial Gardens at the University of Georgia, we look at dozens of echinaceas, heucheras, hibiscus, iris and most of the popular genera. For good reason, that is what people are buying — and any data is good data. However, we also evaluate lesser-known genera such as pulmonaria, drimiopsis, silene and penstemon. The latter

Allan Armitage On His Favorites At Florist Holland, Hort Couture, PlantHaven, Flamingo Holland and Ball

Florist Having visited Florist in years past, I was looking forward to seeing some gerbera daisies, and I was certainly not disappointed. I am not sure how many of you grow gerberas, but those that do must check out their innovative selections. Some of the biggest flowers in the most outrageous colors can be found

California Spring Trials 2013: Allan Armitage On His Favorites At Dümmen, Floranova and Skagit Gardens

DümmenAs always at Dümmen, a spectacular sight greeted my eyes. The plant material at Dümmen literally shone as if polished. One of the many things Dümmen is known for are their combination plantings.  We have seen examples of excellent combos at other stops but Dümmen keeps expanding the choices, leaving no rock uncolored. Starting with

Instead Of Flowers [Opinion]

The other night, while watching TV, I was working the remote like a sound mixer at a concert. Volume up, volume down, hit recall channel during commercials … and otherwise driving my wife crazy. As a rule, I mute the most inane commercials; why is driving a truck in the mud so appealing; who buys