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About Andrew Britten

Andrew Britten is the director of propagation and technical services at Costa Farms and Total Growth Solutions (TGS) in Miami, Fla. Learn more about Costa Farms and TGS, respectively, at and Britten can be reached at

Integrate Production From Planting To Shipping

When I start thinking of technology in the greenhouse, I immediately think of all the wonderful robots we have. Automation exists in the form of environmental controls, booms, plug fixers, transplanters, etc. Although all of these help in production, the technology that helps us the most is our custom-written Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. There

Costa Farms’ Britten: Producing Quality Plugs

To understand how to grow a quality plug, you must first define what a quality plug is. Some will argue a quality plug is simply one that is able to be transplanted and, with some work, will grow into a quality finished product. To me, this couldn’t be further from the goal. A quality plug