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A.R. Chase is president and plant pathologist at Chase Horticultural Research. Chase can be reached at

Rotate Or Tank Mix To Avoid Resistance

In this, the final article in our series on making the most of your fungicide dollars, I am considering fungicide resistance management. There are some key topics that should be addressed, and I am covering them by answering questions. Obviously, if your fungicide fails due to resistance, your dollars are wasted. Which pathogens become resistant

Fungicides: How Controls Impact Efficacy

Chemical control of plant disease remains a popular and often over-used mainstay of our industry. Even the best fungicides and bactericides work better when cultural control methods are used, as well. In fact, if you try to put the entire weight of disease control on the fungicides you apply after a disease appears, you will

Testing For Phytotoxicity

In these times of belt tightening, it is a good idea to know how to get the most out of your fungicide dollar. Simply replacing a product with one you think is less expensive may not be the answer. In this series, I will examine some of the places you should focus your efforts to

Powerful Poinsettias

Producing poinsettias in today’s competitive market requires a great commitment of time and energy (and a bit of Tylenol). Taking steps that make your operation more sustainable can greatly increase your overall efficiency, reduce waste and boost your price per finished plant. Preventing nutrient imbalances that lead to deficiencies and toxicities can add a few