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Ann-Marie Vazzano was managing editor of American Fruit Grower magazine, a Meister publication.

Driving Demand

You grow beautiful flowers, all with their own unique characteristics. But can a plant really sell itself? What is it that makes certain varieties stand out? It’s not just what you sell — it’s how you sell it. Good marketing can mean the difference between an ordinary pelargonium and a must-have geranium.  Driving Sales Dümmen has created

Earth-Friendly Options

The Home Depot recently launched its Eco Options program to promote sustainable, earth-friendly products. Wal-Mart has taken measures to ensure its manufacturers are minimizing the amount of packaging they’re using. Green is definitely en vogue, and our industry is taking heed. Gary McColeman, marketing manager for China MBCC Garden Craft Manufactory, has been working with

Green Buildings

Anyone who’s strolled through Millennium Park in Chicago has probably noticed the lush greenery, full-sized trees and landscape art that grace the park. What visitors might not realize, though, is that they’ve set foot on what is considered to be one of the largest green roof specimens in the world. According to, an Internet

Poinsettia Panorama

Poinsettias and Christmas go hand in hand, and there’s no indication that’s going to change anytime soon. But despite the festive plant’s popularity, growers continue to face the same challenges year after year. Competition is fierce, and some say poinsettias’ ubiquity in big boxes and grocery chains has turned the once treasured plant into a

Foliage Forecast 2007

No one can predict the future. So many variables can contribute to the ups and downs of any industry. But where the foliage industry will stand in 2007 might be best determined by looking at where 2006 has taken it. With no major hurricanes last year and fuel costs finally beginning to level out, some major

Growing Green: Marketing Sustainability

So, you’re ready to commit to sustainability. You’ve got the products and you’ve got the knowledge. Now what? The sustainability movement has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for independent garden centers, as long as you know how to market it.  Placement Is Key Getting customers to notice your earth-friendly offerings is the