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Brian A. Krug is an Extension assistant professor at the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension. E-mail him at

Tips For Controlling The Greenhouse Environment

Controlling the environment in a greenhouse can look fairly simple in some cases, and many of us don’t give it a lot of thought. When the temperature dips below or above certain points, we know how to turn on the heat or fans, respectively. Simple right? Well, to a certain point, but by studying a

Height Control For Easter Lilies

Flurprimidol drenches have been shown to successfully control height of oriental lilies and Dutch bulbs such as hyacinth, narcissus and tulips, but there is no data that shows how effective flurprimidol drenches are on Easter lilies. Researchers decided to find out.

Revisiting Poinsettia Cold Finishing Up North

As growers, we continue to look for methods to reduce costs while still producing high-quality crops. This is especially true when growing poinsettias, as margins continue to grow thin and competition gets stronger. Growing poinsettias at cool temperatures has emerged as an option over the past several years to reduce heating costs. The University of

Using The Plant Growth Regulator Calculator

Rounding out the GroCALC software package, PGRCALC is the third and final program that has been updated in the past few months. The calculator has been updated from a Microsoft Excel-based program to a Web-based application that does not require a user download. If you are currently using PGRCALC, you know how this tool can

A Quick And Useful Fertilizer Tool

If you have tried to use the fertilizer calculator (FertCALC) from North Carolina State University in the last couple years, you were probably disappointed it no longer worked. The problem occurred when Microsoft updated Excel. FertCALC was no longer compatible with Excel. Fortunately, a solution has been developed with the support of the Fred C.

Using The Alkalinity Calculator

Figure 1. The home page. Click on "Grower Tools" to be directed to the GroCALC page. If you have tried to use the Greenhouse Media Lab Acid Addition Calculator, the alkalinity calculator from Purdue University and North Carolina State University in the last couple years, you may be disappointed that it no longer worked. The problem