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Control Your Energy Costs: Dont Fear The Meter

With the financial scars from last winter’s record-breaking natural gas price peaks still fresh in mind, many growers are looking to get smarter about buying fuel instead of getting burned again this winter. But how to do this? Trading gas futures is a difficult enterprise, like picking a winner in stocks but without some of

A Whole Lot Of Hot Air

“The cheapest thing to buy isn’t always the best thing to buy,” says Jim Kramer of Delta T Solutions, echoing one of the truest statements ever made. The bottom line always looms large in any investment decision, but what initially seems like the cheapest solution to your heating problem can actually be a deceptive mirage,

Backup Generators: Easy Sleep Made Easy

I’ve done my share of risky things. I’ve been into extreme sports my whole life, jumped off high cliffs just for fun and driven way too fast for my own good (or the good of my insurance premiums). I’ve even dated a Sicilian girl with two large brothers before. These are just a few of

The Dawn Of Design

Marco Wilschut, co-owner of Dutch pot producer Van Krimpen B.V., is stuck in Amsterdam traffic while driving back from a press conference hosted by the Horti Fair Innovation Awards Committee — a conference at which his company was nominated for two awards. Needless to say, despite the traffic snarl, his spirits are high. “We spoke

Peace Of A Puzzle

    It was a strange thing…” So begins Lloyd Traven’s explanation of exactly how he embarked down the path of merging his Kintersville, Pa.-based Peace Tree Farms with Dave Eastburn’s Chalfont, Pa.-based Gro ‘n Sell. Traven and Eastburn had known each other for 30 years, and being only 20 miles apart, they had even done

It’s A Small World

It’s a small world after all.” These words, written in 1964 for the Disney exhibit at the New York World’s Fair, seem more and more prophetic as the decades fly by. As global connections improve, travel times shrink, and the world is becoming smaller and smaller, with some even calling it flat once again. Whatever

The Numbers Add Up

A recent survey in our BenchRunner e-newsletter found that, of 121 respondents, 57 percent had a Web site, 50 percent either had or planned to host e-commerce on it and 72 percent either placed orders online already or planned on starting up the practice. With such business trends in mind, it was not surprising to

Get In The Zone

Peaking costs have put a strain on every part of today’s growing operation, from staffing to shipping and everything in between. Both space and time are at a premium these days, as every therm of energy bought is agonized over as it runs in and out of already over-taxed systems. How are growers coping with

Native & Innovative

It’s a difficult and crowded marketplace these days as growers everywhere struggle to find a niche that matches up well with both their size and strengths. For Riverview Flower Farms, a 25-year journey has founders Rick and Dave Brown and their team comfortably situated at the top of their game, serving their customer of choice

Going Dutch

Horti Fair is a big deal for the international floriculture industry, so big that four days in the grip of the seemingly unending spectacle that Holland’s Horti Fair presents leaves one awed, slaphappy and more than a little footsore. Horti Fair is big in terms of industry importance, as well. With such a strong Dutch strain