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Conor Carey is a grower for Terra Nova Nurseries.

How To Grow Heucherella

Heucherella, the cross between heuchera and tiarella, is catching on both in the landscape as a groundcover and in containers as a colorful trailing plant. Grow them successfully with these tips.

How To Grow Coreopsis

Coreopsis is a native North American plant with a wide range, growing naturally from Alaska to the southern tip of Florida. By selecting the right species, growers can find anything from USDA-Zone-3-hardy varieties to those that tolerate weeks of 100°F-plus temperatures. Coreopsis is useful in bedding schemes and can provide a nice foil for bold-leaved

Agastache: Production Advice

Media. Agastache prefer a well-drained media such as a 50/50 peat-perlite or pumice mix. Drainage holes in the pots should err on the larger side. Taller pots, like standard gallon pots, give the plant a better capillary column for drainage, and the soil weight should keep the plants from blowing over in the wind. Planting.

Agastache In The Landscape

Agastache is a much-enjoyed North American genus of ornamental merit. This genus comprises a group of deer-resistant, drought-tolerant plants that are showing extreme heat resistance. A number of species (of 16 total) are from Mexico and the Southwest desert, tolerating and blooming at temperatures of 100°F. Agastache Attracts Wildlife And Humans Alike In England, agastache

Growing Hellebores In The Greenhouse

Hellebores might be the perfect perennial. What other plant has lustrous, handsome foliage and sumptuous flowers in an array of shapes and colors? What other plant tolerates dry as well as wet soils, has few pests and is deer-resistant? These plants are the first to greet the garden center customer in early spring. The cheerful