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Chris Eirschele is a freelance garden writer living in Groveport, Ohio, with memberships in the Perennial Plant Association and Garden Writers Association. A profile of her work can be found at

Dill Greenhouse Is Making The Most Of A Mature Market

Dill Greenhouse’s Alan Gunn, Colleen Sapp, Kevin Taylor and Jerry Dill. From a stack on his desk, a smudged Post-it note sits scribbled with heirloom tomato names. The task at hand is to decide if the tomato-tasting event at Dill’s Greenhouse should go on. Day-after-day summer downpours and, subsequently, hot temperatures were not kind to

Overcoming Big Box Obstacles

In 1870, Bennett’s Greenhouse was a rural operation connected to the community by a single-lane road. Today, it is a $4 million, 25-acre, year-round grower-retailer, located in the midst of mini malls, industrial parks and some pretty stiff big box store competition. In today’s market, where medium-sized businesses often find themselves squeezed out, Bennett’s and