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Spring 2013 Trend Watch: Top Sellers

We asked retailers across the country about which three specific products/plants were the best sellers for their store. Not surprisingly, bedding plant and vegetable and herb varieties were the most cited. The most striking result was that no single variety or even plant garnered enough votes to head the list. The best sellers were diverse,

Sell More Plants: The 10 Percent Project

If you’ve been paying attention to The Grow Initiative, you know that the Greenhouse Grower team is looking for ways to rejuvenate the industry. The team at Today’s Garden Center, Greenhouse Grower’s sister magazine, has a similar mission. We’ve recruited as many big thinkers as we can to brainstorm ways we can help retailers succeed.

Monrovia Brand Will Be In Lowe’s

Monrovia will begin selling its branded plants in Lowe’s stores in 2013. As a result of an exclusive agreement with Lowe’s, Monrovia plants, currently sold in Home Depot in plain pots, will pull out of Home Depot. The new relationship differs significantly from what the industry expects of a mass merchant agreement. The Monrovia plants