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Craig J. Regelbrugge ( is senior vice president, industry advocacy and research for AmericanHort.

Immigration — Obama Acts Without Congress

On November 20, President Obama announced a series of executive actions on immigration policy, which are already proving to be politically divisive, and many Republican legislators say this unilaterally “poisons the well” for reform. In AmericanHort’s view, that dire prediction need not be the case.

Take Action On EPA’s Waters Of The U.S. Rule

What does this mean for your business? It could potentially mean that chemical applications, ground disturbances (planting included) and many other normal business activities could require permitting and further, could be subject to EPA oversight.

What Obama’s Re-Election Means To Greenhouse Operations

They say elections have consequences, and this year’s has especially big consequences for the greenhouse and nursery industry. Of course, President Obama won both the Electoral College and popular vote, capturing pretty much all the states that were considered up for grabs. In the U.S. Senate, Democrats had to defend twice as many seats as