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Dennis Crum is the director of growing at Four Star Greenhouse in Carleton, Mich. You can reach him at

Innovation Is Growers’ Salvation, Crum Says

It is critically important to the continued success of your operation that you are continuously observing various operations in action and evaluating crops on a regular basis. Growers must always pursue more efficient and consistent crop production practices.

Planning For Greenhouse Production

by DENNIS CRUM EACH year, growers devote more time and focus toward planning the next spring’s production. Businesses are under pressure to reduce shrink, increase sales and margins and satisfy market demands more than ever before.Because production planning is so critical to an operation’s profitability, growers should consider these factors for success. 1. Sell-ThroughDetailed records

Two Steps To Hiring Future Growers

When looking ahead to the future of greenhouse operations, one issue that concerns me is that of trained grower managers. To play off one of the most overused terms from late 2012, I believe that we are facing a “growers cliff.” The History Of The Grower Shortage Not to age myself more than necessary, but

How To Decide What Varieties To Grow

Every fall, growers throughout our industry devote a great deal of time and effort to creating their production plans for the upcoming spring. This is after sifting through the new varieties shown at the California Spring Trials, the OFA Short Course and various other grower meetings, as well as from the stack of catalogs collected

7 Steps To Create Great Combos

The numbers and range of combination baskets and containers grown for spring sales have increased tremendously in in the past 10 to 15 years. An explosion of new genera and improved genetics from breeders and suppliers over the same timeframe contributed to this trend, and consumers have reacted positively. Although single variety baskets and containers

Making Water Work For Growing

Many articles have been written over the past few years on water quality and the need for growers to adapt to their individual water supply. Most of these articles have been written by university or industry experts, and they have done a tremendous job explaining the scientific aspects of various water types and how the

Teach Your Staff To Avoid Overwatering

Why does something as simple as watering a plant become an issue for growers each year? We growers know our crops and read all the culture guides, but when the time comes to turn our people loose with hoses each season, problems arise. I’ve come to the conclusion that far more plants are lost each