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Diane M. Camberato is a greenhouse technician in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Purdue University. You can eMail her at

The Potential Of Poinsettia Trees

Tree form poinsettias offer a sales opportunity to a new generation of consumers that does not associate the traditional potted 6-inch poinsettia with the Christmas holiday. Young adult consumers are more likely to be interested in non-traditional novelty cultivars and poinsettias used as an interesting form or as color in a mixed combination planter. In

Biocontainers For Long-Term Crops

The terms organic, sustainable, alternative and green have become part of our vernacular in a way we could not have imagined a decade ago. Consequently, there has been a proliferation of new products in all sectors fashioned to these ideals. Being the true “green industry” by nature, it is only fitting these products be incorporated–or,