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Doug McQueen is vice president of McGregor Plant Sales in Carlsbad, Calif. You can reach him by eMail at

Winning Consumer Dollars

This is not an article on horticulture joining forces for a “Got Milk?” campaign. Those activities look like they are taking shape … maybe? In the meantime, we decided to focus on showing how to make an impact at the local level where the shovel hits the dirt. First, the numbers: The average U.S. consumer

Need Diversification?

    How are you evaluating your target customers? Are you targeting big box customers or other markets? The recent growth in the big box stores has given horticulture a tremendous lift in the last ten years. The questions must be asked, “Where will the next ten years see healthy markets? Will big boxes lead

Make Your Competition Irrelevant

My dad is a rocket scientist. Seriously, and at 80 years of age he’s still a very sharp-thinking guy. He’s also a passionate gardener who, as he says, must spend at least $80 a weekend at the garden center or it feels like someone took the seatbelts out of his car. He told us about this