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Delilah Onofrey directs Flower Power Marketing for the Suntory Collection. She can be reached at

Tips for Growing Surfinia Summer Double Petunias

Suntory Flowers has reinvented double petunias with a new series bred for performance — Surfinia Summer Double. The Summer Doubles are a spinoff of the world-leading Surfinia petunias that created the entire vegetative petunia class nearly 25 years ago. Advantages growers will find in the Summer Doubles series include earliness, uniformity, heat and weather tolerance

‘Sun Parasol Garden Crimson’ Mandevillas

Looking for something new to liven up landscapes? Create a new market with the first bedding plant mandevilla, Garden Crimson. It’s the latest addition to Suntory’s Sun Parasols. The Sun Parasol collection spans 15 varieties in the Original, Giant and Pretty groups. All the hybrids offer pest and disease resistance and vigor and produce a

America In Bloom’s Business Benefits

Most markets are local in the plant industry. The best way to increase sales is to create demand in the region you serve and bring those sales home. America In Bloom (AIB) fits the bill as a national campaign comprised of local, grassroots efforts as communities ranging from rural to urban enter the national competition.

Stretch Your Peat Supply

Faced with the most dramatic peat shortage in decades, growers have been scrambling to secure their growing media supplies for the coming spring season. Despite paying higher prices, they’ve had to get their orders locked in or risk being locked out. On Sept. 23, the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association, whose members represent 95 percent

Vivid Verbenas

Somehow, the name glandularia just never caught on. That’s the genus for the verbenas that have taken the vegetative annuals world by storm — Glandularia canadensis in the Verbenaceae family, to be more precise. The first really popular vegetatively propagated verbena was ‘Homestead Purple,’ a candensis type introduced by Allan Armitage at the University of

Boost Your Bottom Line In Labor

One area growers and business owners in general feel powerless to control is rising health care costs. As providers of this employee benefit, growers often feel they are at the mercy of the insurance providers each year when it comes time to renew the coverage plan. And new federal regulations that are just beginning to

Charting A New Course

For several years, we’ve been collectively lamenting that our industry has reached a mature stage. USDA numbers show production output and dollars per unit have been flatlining for some time. Although there are businesses that are growing and aggressively making strides, most of what is happening is growers taking market share in a game of

Remembering 9/11 And America In Bloom

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE This past week we’ve been reflecting on where we were during the Sept. 11 attacks on our country 10 years ago and how our lives have changed. I was home on maternity leave with our youngest son, Devlin. My mom called and told me to turn on

Billion-Cutting Breakthrough

One billion cuttings. That’s a number we hadn’t really fathomed for as long as we’ve been ranking the world’s largest cuttings producers, but with the trend toward industry consolidation, it certainly was in reach. When Fides’ parent company, Agribio Group in Holland, purchased Guatemalan cuttings producer Oro Farms this spring, it instantly put the combined

North Creek Nurseries Is Cultivating A Niche In Natives

If growing plants with a purpose is the future of gardening and landscaping, North Creek Nurseries is ahead of the curve by producing perennials that are not only beautiful but highly functional. The nursery specializes in perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns and vines with an emphasis on plants that are native to the eastern United States