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Delilah Onofrey directs Flower Power Marketing for the Suntory Collection. She can be reached at

Finding The New Normal

There’s a saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Well, I’d argue a lot of growers and retailers are doing the same things over and over and hoping for past results. The years and seasons go by, but the glory days just aren’t returning by using old strategies.

Euro Style Flower Trials

With all the global participation in the California Spring Trials, I had wondered if it would be worthwhile to also attend Europe’s Flower Trials in June. Would I really see anything I hadn’t already seen from many of the same breeders? And for the most part, the ones that don’t participate in the California trials

Control Your Destiny

At the OFA Short Course last month, we tried something new and hosted a panel discussion called, “Boost Your Bottom Line.” This was an open conversation with the owners and top management from our four finalists for Operation of the Year – Bob’s Market & Greenhouses in West Virginia, Emerald Coast Growers in Florida, James

Toasting 10 Years of America In Bloom

There’s nothing like a mimosa on a Monday morning, especially if you’re toasting the success of the America In Bloom (AIB) program–a national campaign that is enhancing communities from coast to coast by promoting public plantings. AIB is an independent nonprofit organization hosted and managed by OFA in Columbus with a volunteer board of directors

Growers Tackle Profit Picture

There’s no question times have been tough financially for growers. What are those who are most successful doing to stay ahead? That’s what we explored when we presented a “Boost Your Bottom Line” panel discussion featuring our four finalists for Operation of the Year–Bob’s Market & Greenhouses, Emerald Coast Growers, James Greenhouse and Rocket Farms.

Scheduling Perennials

Paul Westervelt of Saunders Brothers in Virginia gave a great presentation on scheduling perennials, as part of a day-long perennials production track at the OFA Short Course on Saturday. He explained the pros and cons and ins and outs of producing perennials in the spring for spring sales, in the summer for fall sales and

Burpee Is Reborn: Marketer Of The Year Award Winner

For more than a century, gardeners have been purchasing flower and vegetable seeds from the Burpee catalog. With the kind of brand equity and recognition marketers dream of, it just made sense to create a line of branded plants under the Burpee name starting with herbs and vegetables. Founded in 1876 by W. Atlee Burpee,

Adrian Bloom Has A Passion For Perennials: Industry Achievement Award Winner

So much of what we take for granted in today’s perennials market we owe to the pioneering efforts of a globally influential plantsman, Adrian Bloom of Blooms of Bressingham. Whether it’s investing in the best plants and rewarding breeders for their efforts, using micropropagation, establishing a retail brand for plants or re-envisioning the landscape, for

Lilytopia Reblooms

Deeming the first year a success in 2010, Longwood Gardens mobilized even more Dutch and American floral industry support to host the 10-day spectacular Lilytopia exhibition May 20-30. As Longwood’s grower and Greenhouse Grower contributor Juergen Steininger can attest, assembling a floral exhibition of this magnitude is quite the production. Five nights before the opening

A Tale Of Nearly 200 Cities

The 10-year milestone of the America In Bloom (AIB) program takes me back to when industry leaders came together through OFA to take a leap of faith. We agreed to launch a collective marketing program focused on making plantings more visible by beautifying cities and towns. Canada’s successful Communities In Bloom was our model and