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The Orchid Explosion

  No longer a niche crop for hobbyists, orchids have eclipsed poinsettias as the highest value crop in terms of dollars, according to USDA’s Floriculture Crops Summary, which surveys production and wholesale value in the top 15 floriculture states. While more poinsettias are produced by more growers for the Christmas season, each orchid produced generates

Easy Environmental Controls

A sweeping revolution in the electronics industry has made greenhouse environmental controls more affordable and functional than ever. Growers can expect a quick payback on their investment and peace of mind knowing their crops are safe from extreme temperatures. In this article, we focus on the more entry-level controls that are accessible to smaller and

Creating Market Equalizers

Hort Couture founder and grower-retailer Jim Monroe is absolutely right to be concerned about the independent garden center channel getting left behind when it comes to new product development in plants and packaging. It used to be the hot trends and cutting-edge varieties began with the independents and were later copied by large chains. More

California Spring Trials 2011: Variety’s Vanguard

Just as growers who serve large retailers are becoming responsible for all live goods categories in the stores, the California Spring Trials have become a one-stop shop, featuring so much more than annuals. Here’s a look at trends and introductions by crop category. Seed Annuals Spring Trials has its roots in seed annuals. What would

Incredible Edibles

You know the edible category is hot when fruits and vegetables are upstaging gorgeous flowers at the California Spring Trials. More people were raving about corn, strawberries, tomatoes and peppers than petunias and pansies. Sakata, which is already an established leader in the commercial vegetable market, launched a new Home Grown division for garden vegetables.

Gifts From The Goldsmiths

While March 26 was the opening day of the California Spring Trials, it also marked the end of an era, as the Goldsmith family officially retired from half a century of breeding beautiful bedding plants. Syngenta Flowers, which purchased Goldsmith Seeds in 2008, hosted a special tribute reception and endowed two scholarships in the family’s

Counting On Carts

Keeping track of carts and making sure there is enough on hand for shipments when spring gets rolling is an issue for wholesale growers of all sizes, whether they serve large retailers or independent garden centers. Take Robin Waldrop Sr. of First Stage Greenhouses near South Bend, Ind., who serves garden centers within a 150-mile

Burpee Home Gardens Brand Adds Flowers

In the Burpee Home Gardens displays at Ball, it was all about Julia, a 37-year-old working mother who is interested in vegetable gardening and growing a healthy family. With the use of technology, Burpee is helping her before she goes shopping, while she’s at the garden center and after she comes home to plant and

Succeed With Succulents

[imageviewer] Up until recently, succulents were grouped with cacti in niche collections. But unlike their prickly counterparts, succulents have really taken off, capturing a lot of consumer and designer interest. In addition to resembling living sculpture, plants are versatile and easy to use by offering the benefits of low maintenance and low water use. Succulents

May We Be Excused?

You know there’s something wrong when four highly respected leaders get fed up and walk away from an effort to shape national standards for sustainable agriculture after investing nearly three years in the process. In February, Will Healy from Ball Horticultural Company, Mark Yelanich from Metrolina Greenhouses, Jim Barrett from the University of Florida and