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Guess Who Also Has A Black Petunia Now

This was another big year for introductions by German breeding company Dömmen. The one that caught everyone by surprise like a card trick was Black Jack, the new black petunia in the Sweetunia series. Two more trendy dark-colored companions are Sweetunias Bordeaux and Mystic, which has a dark aubergine center. Mixed with a euphorbia, these

Heins On Oro Farms’ Future

Guatemalan cuttings producer Oro Farms was just purchased by Agribio Group, which also owns Dutch flower breeding company Fides. Up until this point, Royal Heins was president of Oro Farms, a position he has held since retiring from Michigan State University. We caught up with Heins in person on Sunday during the California Spring Trials

OHP Shares Augeo Results

For the last two years, OHP has been working extensively with growers and academic researchers trialing its new plant growth regulator Augeo. At American Takii, Dave Barcels trialed it on dark leafed seed geraniums, delphiniums and the vigorous Cadenza petunias, which are a hedgiflora type, like PanAmerican’s Tidal Waves. The goal is to induce more

Greenex: The Great Dane

Starting out as a broker representing Danish breeders, Greenex has evolved to also become a breeder/producer with most of its cuttings production in Vietnam. The portfolio of plants Greenex displayed at Speedling in San Juan Bautista, Calif., includes: – Butterfly Garden campanula in seven different blue and white varieties. – Sunny and Sun Brella osteospermums in 18

Hem Gets Short With Annuals

While vegetative annuals are capturing most of the attention at many of the global breeding companies, Hem Genetics is very focused in its seed breeding activities with a mission to offer growers high-performing plants that don’t require chemical plant growth regulation. In some European countries, PGR use is highly restricted. Two examples are the Mambo

Demand For Open Genetics Still Strong

Troy Lucht, founder of Plant Source International, is in a unique position to see how varieties perform from cuttings farm to the consumer. In addition to producing cuttings in Mexico, he is a grower-retailer in Minnesota and a rooting station for breeders. This keeps him in tune with what growers want from cuttings and breeding

Perspective: Doug Holden, Benary’s Global Breeding Director

Although Doug Holden is a true industry veteran who has coached some of the best breeding teams, he brings a fresh outside perspective to German flower breeder Benary as its new global breeding director. Holden received his master’s degree in breeding at the University of Connecticut, where he worked on the first color breaks in

Promising Perennials

Global breeding and marketing companies that built themselves on bedding plants are becoming powerhouses in perennials and shrubs through acquisitions, partnerships and in-house breeding programs. Ball Horticultural Co. Ball has made significant leaps in perennials and shrubs by purchasing Darwin Perennials, Kieft Seed and launching Ball Ornamentals. And PanAmerican Seed has claimed perennial breeding breakthroughs,

New Frontiers In Breeding

Anticipation. Yes, it’s a popular Carly Simon song from the 1970s that was used in ketchup commercials, but it’s also what each California Spring Trials brings. The dates for this year’s event are a week earlier than usual, March 26-April 1. Before we head out, we try to get a sense of what the big

Iwasaki Brothers Is Energized & Dollar Wise

Oregon growers are lucky they have a state government that makes it attractive to invest in alternative energy systems, essentially cutting the time to recoup the investment in half. An energy project that pays for itself in less than three years is a no-brainer. Iwasaki Brothers in Hillsboro used Energy Trust Oregon (ETO) incentives to