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About Gregorio Billikopf

Gregorio Billikopf is a Labor Management Farm Advisor with the University of California and Visiting Professor of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Chile.

Increases Affect Piece-Rate

There are a number of principles that influence the construction of effective piece-rate pay systems. One such notion is the importance of proportionately increasing piece-rate pay when minimum wage goes up (or when cost-of-living increases are reflected in hourly pay raises). Some producers think, “Hey, my piece-rate-paid people are already earning well above the minimum wage,

The Accommodating Syndrome

There are a number of competing influences that help mold our behavior. One pair of forces that often clash is a desire to do our duty and the need to be liked and fit in. Youth often grow up in subcultures where succeeding is simply not fashionable. They quickly learn that achievement often brings envy