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Joli A. Hohenstein ( is marketing and PR specialist for Pen & Petal, Inc., a marketing, advertising and public relations agency for the green industry who regularly produces turnkey catalogs of all sizes for clients across the globe.

How To Produce A Great Catalog

When getting started with a catalog, the first step is to decide who’ll take the lead on this mammoth undertaking. Do you have someone in-house who can take it on or likes that type of work? That’s one option to consider. It’s also important to consider the level of work you expect. Unless the proper

Black Shade Cloth Versus Reflective Screens

Few factors can affect plant development as much as temperature fluctuation, particularly in the heat of summer. Monitoring and controlling both air and leaf temperature can drastically affect a plant’s productivity and quality. Leaf and air temperature can differ greatly, by as much as 10°F to 30°F. Proper greenhouse shading, however, can help keep leaf

Turn Big Ideas Into Big Results

Bringing the team together is a great idea. Channeling all of the great ideas that come from your team, well, that’s a different challenge. So how do you take those ideas and make them work for you, rather than let them die a dusty death on the conference room table or in the circular file?Growers

Dianthus Is Done Right At Northwest Horticulture

Talk about making weather work for you. Northwest Horticulture has leveraged its ideal location, plus extensive perennial expertise, to become a major dianthus producer here in the United States. Each year, Northwest Horticulture plants 15 acres with more than 3,000 dianthus stock plants that produce millions of plugs for fall, winter and early spring sales.

Pleasant View Gardens Is Buying Into Biomass

A wood chip isn’t a wood chip anymore. Who knew? Pleasant View Gardens for one, especially since it has installed a second biomass burner. Taking sustainability to the ultimate level, Pleasant View is now 95 percent oil free, heating both its Loudon and Pembroke, N.H., facilities almost entirely with wood chips. “It works really well

Expand Your Designer Grasses Palette

High fashion isn’t just for the runway. Color sells and sizzles in these sure-to-please varieties. Emerald Coast Growers helped make ornamental grasses mainstream, and they’re loving these new varieties that are anything but. We asked Cheri Markowitz, sales manager and grass guru, for her favorite picks for this season. Kick your grass program up a

Combo Companion: Danziger’s Mixis

Standing out in the cluttered combos market takes ingenuity, creativity and flexibility. Gardeners won’t settle for the average or also-rans. They want brilliant new pairings bursting with blooms and exploding in color. To take your combo program up a notch, try these tips from the experts at Danziger. Maximize Your Choices Make it easy with

Danziger’s Musica Double Impatiens Series

Musica, a spectacular double Impatiens walleriana, is the result of Danziger Flower Farm’s intense and innovative breeding programs. Fully double, delicately formed rosebud flowers deliver a continuous dazzling display of irresistible color. Plants are tight and perfectly mounded, adding stem strength that’s vital in adverse weather conditions and enhancing the variety’s garden performance. Robust plants