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About Julie Graesch

Julie Graesch is a nematode field development specialist for Becker Underwood.

Benefit From Beneficial Nematodes

With a variety of factors driving pest management changes in horticultural operations, many professionals are looking to expand their use of biological control agents (BCAs), including the use of beneficial nematodes. Growers find beneficial nematodes to be an attractive addition to existing pest management programs because they reduce or eliminate restricted-entry intervals, have limited impact

Adopt Biological Control Agents For Greenhouse Crop Production

Many greenhouse growers no longer rely exclusively on conventional pesticides to control pests. Most have increased their use of mechanical and biological control agent (BCA) methods. While pesticide resistance issues have driven much of this change in management philosophy, many growers are now discovering how well BCAs work and how to easily incorporate them into

How to Begin Beneficial Nematode Applications

More growers are experiencing successful pest control with beneficial nematodes as they gain more knowledge and awareness of them. Usually, the growers who experience the most success are the ones who understand how to properly apply beneficial nematodes. There are a variety of factors that influence nematode effectiveness—temperature, humidity, soil moisture, chemical compatibility, spray adjuvants,

Pests Nematodes Target

Beneficial nematodes attack and provide control of a variety of insect pests. Some of the most problematic pests include, but are not limited to: • Fungus Gnats • Western Flower Thrips • Leatherjackets • White Grubs • Weevils • Cranberry Girdlers • Mole Crickets • Shore Flies • Borers • Caterpillars

Beneficial Nematodes: Exploring Their Role & Value

While great strides have been made in the development of effective beneficial nematodes over the past several years, there is still confusion among growers about these little worms. Are they safe? How do they work? Do they cause damage? To help clear things up, we have put together a three-part series all about beneficial nematodes.