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About Jerry Montgomery

Jerry Montgomery ( is a veteran of the floriculture industry who has worked for distributor companies, breeders and large growers with a focus on sales and marketing. As an industry consultant, Montgomery works for large growers, distributors and breeder/producers. His focus is to understand the market dynamics from breeder to consumer through intense retail travel, visiting about 2,700 stores since 2008.

The Art Of Selling: Building Strong Business Relationships

In today’s highly competitive business world, product lifecycles are shortened, and there is an increased ability to quickly copy or replicate industry-leading products. This makes the relationship between the customer and the salesperson even more important. It also means the knowledge and experience of the seller is more valuable than ever. Good salespeople are getting

The Art Of Selling: The Role The Seller Plays

Selling  is an art backed by scientific research on consumer emotions. To become a professional seller, it is critical to understand your role in the process, and then become an expert on how the customer makes the buying decision. This month we will discuss the roles the seller plays. These include Trusted Advisor, Resource Allocator

Tap Into The Edibles Market

The economic downturn we have endured since 2008 has clearly impacted what consumers buy and how much they are willing to spend. In our industry, people have chosen food over flowers. According to the National Gardening Association (NGA)’s 2012 National Gardening Survey, food gardening has higher revenues at $2.7 billion than flower gardening with revenues

Garden Retail 2012: Observations In Charlotte, N.C.

The weather on Saturday, April 28, 2012, was overcast and in the low 60s (farenheit). This obviously impacted the shopper turnout, which was extremely low and very disappointing. However, on Sunday the 29th the sun came out and the temperatures zoomed into the low 80s by afternoon; stores were filled with shoppers. Lowe’s In Charlotte

Garden Retail 2012: Observations On Spring From Jerry Montgomery

After enduring the spring of 2011 — arguably one of the worst years weather-wise in the past two decades — 2012 brought a spark back to the industry. A number of areas, especially in parts of the West, encountered really good weather. Other areas had a good start with many reporting record sales in March,