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About Jerry Montgomery

Jerry Montgomery ( is a veteran of the floriculture industry who has worked for distributor companies, breeders and large growers with a focus on sales and marketing. As an industry consultant, Montgomery works for large growers, distributors and breeder/producers. His focus is to understand the market dynamics from breeder to consumer through intense retail travel, visiting about 2,700 stores since 2008.

Sunnier Days Ahead After Stormy Spring

Spring brought some of the most inclement weather we have seen in 10 years, with unusually cold temperatures and rain across most regions of the United States. In some areas, the season did not start until mid-May. In some regions, the season started and stopped three or four times. Those who fared the best were

The Top 100’s Changing Business Model

Grower business models have undergone dramatic changes over the past 20 years and, in particular, since the beginning of the 21st century. In the so-called “good old days,” growers had little problem selling their goods because the demand was far greater than the supply. The focus was primarily production driven with the goal of just

In Poinsettias, It’s How You Sell, Not What You Sell

Favorite Poinsettia Varieties Which poinsettia varieties did the public prefer this past season? Check out the results of Mitchell’s Nursery and Greenhouse’s open house survey. Poinsettias looked as good at retail as I have seen in recent years, demonstrating great plant quality and some real consumer value. Take, for example, the 8-inch poinsettia produced by Mid-American

Big Opportunity In Edibles

Between the economic downturn facing the country and the desire of the consumer to obtain fresh produce that has not been tainted with chemicals, the edibles category has become the fastest growing sector of the green goods industry. According to the National Gardening Association (NGA), 31 percent of all U.S. households (36 million) participated in some

Don’t You Just Hate Those Big Boxes?

It is clear to me that consumers are willing to open their wallets only when they feel we bring them good value and continually introduce new and interesting products that increase their chances of success. Whether consumers are shopping at big box stores or a local nursery with just one location, our goal should be

View: Industry Power Shift Approaching

Growers proved they weren’t immune from change and accountability when retailers began putting downward pressure on them in the 1990s. Now, marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery says another power shift is coming, and it involves growers making suppliers just as accountable. Below is Jerry’s commentary: Our industry was in the era of “Grower In Charge” up