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About Jerry Montgomery

Jerry Montgomery ( is a veteran of the floriculture industry who has worked for distributor companies, breeders and large growers with a focus on sales and marketing. As an industry consultant, Montgomery works for large growers, distributors and breeder/producers. His focus is to understand the market dynamics from breeder to consumer through intense retail travel, visiting about 2,700 stores since 2008.

Metrolina Market Report

Marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery spent the weekend in Charlotte visiting the Lowe’s and Walmart garden centers Metrolina Greenhouses serves, among other garden centers in the Charlotte area. Below are his findings from the April 24-25 weekend. On Saturday (April 24), retail traffic was heavy and consumers were buying like there would be no plants available

Atlanta Market A Reason For Optimism

Marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery spent Saturday, April 17, visiting big box retail garden centers, including two Pike Nurseries stores, in the Atlanta region. All garden centers were crowded, he says, and consumers in the area clearly have a garden fever. Talk about a market being on fire: In the Atlanta area, garden centers were packed

Change Is A Good Thing

Our industry has always felt changes in certain areas over others, but over the last three years we have entered into more collective rhetoric than ever. The rhetoric is probably driven by more obvious high-impact results than we have experienced in the past. The results of change have been eye opening because the No. 1

VMI: The Game Changer

Vendor managed inventories (VMI), or ” pay by scan” as we more commonly know it, has changed the way growers do business – both large and small – resulting in both success and failures. In trying to determine why some fared better than others, I spent a lot of time in retail gardens centers and

North Florida Poinsettia Retail Report

With cool and wet weather, the traffic in many stores on Friday, December 4 was much lower than I anticipated. However, with less rain on Saturday, many stores experienced an increase in consumer shopping. By the afternoon of Saturday, December 5, the sun came out and more consumers were out shopping. Poinsettias were seen in

Montgomery Reports On Fall Retail

Marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery recently visited garden centers at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and he stopped by Pike Nurseries to get a feel for the fall product. Below are his findings. The fall weather in Atlanta has been wetter and colder than usual for October, but the good news is the rain has filled the

Montgomery: Veggies Market Reshaping

If you talk to anyone in the industry, most agree vegetables and herbs grew faster than other product segments, with some vegetables and herbs experiencing 30 to 40 percent growth. Most industry members also agree the growth will continue for the next few years. Currently, the number one provider of vegetable plants at retail is

Lessons From The Market: Merchandising

Industry marketing consultant Jerry Montgomery says controlling and executing merchandising is a key to long-term grower success. Based on his extensive retail travels the last two years, he lists merchandising’s missing elements and common traits that make merchandisers successful. From extensive retail travel to almost 1,500 garden center in 2008 and 2009, it is apparent

Montgomery’s Colorado Retail Report

Colorado is a hot spot for some of the best retail growers and independent garden centers in the country, so it was a great opportunity to be able to tour some of these facilities on a beautiful summer Saturday in July [18]. I had the opportunity to tour the area with Frank Yantorno, owner of

Montgomery’s Columbus Retail Report

After arriving on an early flight, I had some time on Saturday [July 11] to take a quick afternoon tour of the retail scene in Columbus. Because of limited time, only 14 stores were surveyed. It was a rainy and windy Saturday that obviously slowed most traffic, but I did have the opportunity to see