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Jeff Warschauer is vice president of sales at Nexus Greenhouse Systems. You can e-mail Jeff at

The Keys To Long-Term Profitability

If I’d known, I might have done something else. We’ve all said it. If I’d known the stock market would tank, I’d have bought gold. If I’d known summer would come in March, I’d have planted earlier. If I’d known spring would bring perfect weather, I’d have produced more.None of us can know what will

Why We Must Cultivate New Customers

The green side of our industry isn’t growing. We can blame the economy–and that’s part of the problem–but there are bigger issues we need to address, too. Our customer base is changing. The 80 million people in the Baby Boomer generation have fueled the greenhouse industry over the last couple of decades. But now they’re

Weathering The Winter

Well, it’s soon to be winter again. Those hot summer days are but memories to many growers, and it’s time to winterize your greenhouse. Your greenhouse should be checked inside and out to reduce winter disasters. Beginning on the exterior, check that all of your doors close and seal properly. A poor closing door blown