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Bioline: One Year Later

Syngenta’s launch of Bioline Biological Control Agents with its crop protection products and as part of an Integrated Crop Management program last year has paved the way for integrated pest control on all fronts.

2014 Top 100 List Shows Growers Are Expanding

Grower acquisitions throughout the year, bankruptcy, closed doors, new operations, reduced square footage and changing business status have reconstructed Greenhouse Grower’s Top 100 Growers list, yet again.

5 Verbenas You Can’t Do Without

Verbena ‘Veralena Rose Heart’ (Danziger) ‘Rose Heart’ puts on a continuous parade of blooms from early spring through summer. Pink flowers, accented with dark-pink centers, contrast nicely against a background of lacy, green foliage. With its compactness and mounding habit, ‘Rose Heart’ is ideal for window boxes and combination planters. Powdery mildew tolerance is excellent.