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5 Verbenas You Can’t Do Without

Verbena ‘Veralena Rose Heart’ (Danziger) ‘Rose Heart’ puts on a continuous parade of blooms from early spring through summer. Pink flowers, accented with dark-pink centers, contrast nicely against a background of lacy, green foliage. With its compactness and mounding habit, ‘Rose Heart’ is ideal for window boxes and combination planters. Powdery mildew tolerance is excellent.

The New Generation Of Verbenas

Verbenas have come a long way since their early days of seed propagation and bedding plant packs. The introduction of Verbena ‘Homestead Purple,’ developed by Allan Armitage in the 1980s, ushered in a new era of vegetatively propagated verbenas. Suntory soon followed suit with their Tapien and Temari series, and breeders haven’t looked back since.

Monitoring For Better Plant Health: Media pH and EC

What Should I Look For In A pH and EC Meter? Auto-shut Off: Battery-saving feature Accuracy And Resolution: Accuracy should be around ±0.02 and resolution at 0.01 pH units. Electrodes: Detachable electrodes are easier to replace. Purchase a commercially prepared solution for wet-storage electrodes. Calibration: Look for an auto-calibration feature. Two-point calibration is more accurate