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Kristine Lonergan is the director of sales and marketing at Garden State Growers. She can be reached at

Marketing Through Storytelling: Build A Program Around A Story

Much like a true page-turner, successful programs have the opportunity to tell an appealing tale. A great story has the ability to capture the attention of the consumer, even if it’s for a few moments. And really, a few moments are all you need to provoke an impulse to buy. Use these six steps to

9 Trends A Marketer Picked Up At Essen

Germany’s IPM Essen is more than a trade show. It’s truly an experience filled with new ideas, trends and inspirations. Here are nine trends I saw at the January 2012 show that was built on the bells and whistles you can use to make your product pop. 1. Color Trends The hot colors at Essen,

8 Ways To Speak To Consumers

I attend trade shows that revolve around fashion, design and gifts. Why? For inspiration and ideas. I truly believe if we only stick to the horticulture industry for our ideas, we will severely limit our sources of inspiration and potentially miss important changes in consumer expectations. While attending a New York gift show recently, I