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Groupon Rumored To Test Payment Service

As bank transaction fees continue to rise, many small business owners have turned to PayPal or Square for their primary payment methods. Now, Groupon, the company known for its daily deals on restaurants, beauty salons and more, is reported to be testing a payment service that would make PayPal and Square look pricy. According to

Tips To Pay Your Bills On Time

A 2012 small business credit index report confirms that big businesses are taking longer to pay their bills. According to the report conducted by Experian, a company that offers credit reporting and marketing services to consumers and businesses, and Moody Analytics, an analysis, data, forecasting and credit risk management company, businesses with over 1,000 employees

Building Your Mobile Website

With more people on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices than ever before, chances are your consumers have bought into the trend. In response to an upswing in numbers, many growers have created mobile websites to make ordering and searching for information even easier. Costa Farms, Monrovia and Emerald Coast Growers explain why they went

Create A Safer Workplace

Created in 1970, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a division of the Department of Labor, was designed to maintain safe, healthy working conditions and ensure on-the-job safety for employees. If an inspection goes poorly or an accident causes worker deaths and injuries, businesses can be fined anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to

Schools Use Greenhouses To Cultivate New Customers

From a financially troubled school district in Oregon to a Massachusetts college, educational programs around the country are realizing the benefits of having their own greenhouses. For those in the Myrtle Point school district in Oregon, the new greenhouse will be used to teach children the benefits of healthy eating by teaching them to grow

Dümmen USA Announces New West Coast Rooting Station

Dümmen USA has announced Plug Connection will be its newest West Coast Rooting Station for Red Fox plants. Located in Vista, Calif., Plug Connection joins Bob’s Market and Greenhouses, CF Greenhouses, Genesis Plant Propagation Ltd., Harts Nursery, Plainview Growers and Timbuk Farms in producing Red Fox genetics in North America. Plug Connection has worked with

Ecke Ranch Sells Property In Encinitas, Calif.

Ecke Ranch, the California-based poinsettia and annuals grower, announced the sale of its Encinitas, Calif. property to the Leichtag Foundation on April 6, 2012. The Encinitas property acted as the company’s research and development space, but Ecke has decided the facility would be more efficient on a smaller scale. The revenue from the sale will

Spring Trials 2012 Sneak Preview

Every year breeders big and small take their show-stopping, conversation-starting, must-see varieties to California for the Spring Trials. In this highly anticipated event, plants are the models in this greenhouse fashion show. Check out the following pages for a color-coordinated sneak preview of the varieties that are sure to be some of 2013’s best. ‘Sombrero

Boxwood Blight Spreads To United States

Much like downy mildew and dogwood anthracnose before it, boxwood blight is the latest disease to attack a plant favorite. First spotted in the United Kingdom in the mid-1990s, boxwood blight (Cylindrocladium buxicola or Cylindrocladium pseudonaviculatum) is now thought to be prevalent throughout Europe. In October 2011, this same fungus was confirmed on boxwoods in