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Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

Superior Automation Means Premium Plugs For Dümmen

Breeders develop the genetics and young plant growers produce them for regional customers. That’s typically the supply chain model employed here in the U.S., and it’s largely how breeders and young plant growers across Europe operate. One breeder who operates this way in the U.S. is Dümmen, which has formed a network of seven rooting

Delray Plants Says Marketing Is Now A Must

The Top 100 Growers were production-driven businesses just a few years ago. Many grew seemingly endless products and had the good fortune of finding buyers even in a pinch. Discounting was an option to keep product moving, and margins were favorable. Fast forward to today’s Top 100, and it’s a sales-driven group that talks largely

Olson’s Greenhouse Uses Radio, Text Messages To Market

The best ideas are sometimes the ones someone else comes up with. But just because the original idea isn’t yours, it doesn’t mean you can’t execute the idea better. That’s the attitude Brian Lloyd, the vice president of sales and marketing at Olson’s Greenhouses, took when he further developed Containerfest, a one-day Home Depot event

The Latest Dye-Infused Orchid

It’s been a few months since another dye-infused orchid color has been introduced but Plainview Growers unveiled its latest last week in ‘Yellow Tropics,’ the fourth color in its Colorfuze collection. “’Yellow Tropics’ is kind of out of the norm for dyed orchids,” says Tom Van Vugt, vice president of sales at Plainview Growers. “The

Track Shipments More Efficiently & Accurately

Tracking 1,000 acres of plant material and staging it for shipping in one area is no easy task, as Karl Losely, the president of Herman Losely & Son. will tell you. But tracking material that comes into the shipping yard with an archaic manual paper system, as the nursery did for many years in Perry,

HGTV Collection Looks Like A Home Run

We’ve been hearing about the HGTV Home Plant Collection for months, dating back to late 2011 when select breeders were chosen to make their pitch to HGTV. Ultimately, Dümmen USA won the exclusive rights to produce the first annuals for the collection. For the first time Tuesday at the California Spring Trials, we saw which