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Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

Seed-Plus-Vegetative Combos Now A Possibility

A year ago, when Selecta introduced the Trixi 2.0 method which roots three different species together into one single-stuck multiliner, General Manager Stefan Reiner pointed out that the combo possibilities to come were potentially limitless. This year, Ball Horticultural Company is taking a leap forward with Selecta’s innovation, introducing the first multiliners to feature both

5 Stops, 5 Standout Varieties & Programs

Sun Parasol Garden Crimson Mandevillas (Suntory Flowers) Mandevillas are one of Suntory Flowers’ many staples. Now, Suntory is offering something highly unique in mandevillas with the first bedding plant version. One of coolest features of this introduction is its scarlet container companion that has all the details consumers need for succeeding with Garden Crimson in

Ecke Ranch Alleviating Marketing Stresses By Doing Work For You

There’s no doubting Paul Ecke Ranch is a breeder and grower first above all things. But a changing floriculture industry means a changing business model for the longtime poinsettia and geranium breeder. So in addition to introducing about 30 new varieties Friday as a prelude to the California Spring Trials, Ecke Ranch showed off its

Spring Sales Picking Up Earlier Than Usual

The first day of spring officially arrived Tuesday, but growers across the country have been taking advantage of spring-like weather the last couple weeks with higher-volume shipments. Now, growers are keeping their fingers crossed that the 60-, 70- and 80-degree days persist. “Spring broke early and we’re shipping like crazy,” says Tom Van Vugt, the

Miller: Saving IR-4 Critical To Greenhouse Crop Protection

Think about the high-profile plant diseases growers are encountering these days – downy mildew on impatiens, boxwood blight – and what the consequences will be if you don’t have the appropriate products to protect those plants. Take gloxinias for example. “We’ve virtually stopped growing them because we couldn’t control the pests,” says Marvin Miller, market

Cool New Plants & Merchandising Concepts From Essen

As a grower, your trade show travel budget may be restricted to OFA Short Course, a couple of regional shows and maybe one show within your own state – if that. But if you have the means to visit IPM Essen in Germany at least once over the next few years, you’ll be inspired by

Opinion: Impatiens Put To The Test

Impatiens are probably done in Europe. Those were the jaw-dropping words a long-time U.S. breeder shared with me at January’s IPM Essen. The breeder was referring specifically to the damage downy mildew did on Impatiens walleriana throughout Europe in 2011, wiping out landscapes and prompting some European retailers to avoid carrying the crop altogether this

4 TPIE Takeaways

Looking for the next unusual tropical plants? Northland Floral’s Medinilla magnifica, which blooms multiple times with exotic flowers and was voted Best New Flowering Plant at January’s Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE), is a good starting point in flowering plants. On the foliage side, Calathea lancifolia from Stewart’s Greenhouse in Mt. Dora, Fla., is worth

New Petunias At 2012 California Spring Trials

As with most years at the California Spring Trials, there are a number of new petunias growers can explore. 1) Ball Seed’s Pretty petunias, developed for less plant growth regular use, are among this year’s introductions. Suitable for cold-growing regimes, Pretty petunias are worth a look because of their better branching habit, which improves airflow

Hello Kitty Concept Hits The Right Demographic

You name it, Hello Kitty’s got it. The brand’s got T-shirts and candles and watches and shoes. There are Hello Kitty accessories for your car, toys for your kids and greeting cards for birthdays and other occasions. So why not plants for Hello Kitty? That’s a question Top 100 Grower Delray Plants must have asked