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Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

IPM Essen Takeaways

As a grower, your tradeshow travel budget may be restricted to OFA Short Course, a couple of regional tradeshows and maybe one show within your own state – if that. But if you have the means to visit IPM Essen at least once over the next few years, I’d encourage you to go for it.

Adeniums: Setting The Record Straight

Adeniums certainly are not new to the market, but few growers and consumers realize the plant commonly known as Desert Rose is capable of being treated like a tropical. Oglesby Plants’ Gary Hennen, who exhibited at the recent Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition, wants to clear up the misconception. “We want to treat it more like

Mystery Orchids & The Sticky Flower

What’s it going to take to get consumers to buy something that’s yet to flower? Perhaps the answer is to promote the flower color as a mystery. That’s exactly the concept Lommerse & Schrama developed and showcased at IPM Essen in Germany last week. Based on the concept the company developed, orchids could flower into

Why Growers Avoid Poinsettias

In addition to surveying growers who produced poinsettias this past season, Greenhouse Grower connected with a handful of growers who at one time produced poinsettias yet no longer do. We asked growers why they stopped producing them. We received a variety of responses, but a number of growers cite competition or the availability abundance as

How Growers Fared With Poinsettias

Some independent retailers won’t admit it, but the product quality box stores are pushing these days is becoming yet another challenge for those competing against them. Angelo Petitti sees the improvement. Petitti, a grower-retailer with Casa Verde Growers and Petitti Garden Centers, cites last Christmas as an example. He says box stores in Northeast Ohio

Dye-Infused Plants: The Point The Industry Is Missing

Fake. Repulsive. Garbage. They’re among the many harsh words critics have used to describe ‘Blue Mystique,’ the dye-infused orchid Silver Vase unveiled at the 2011 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE). ‘Blue Mystique’ has undoubtedly been subjected to more criticism in the last year from within the industry than any other variety. The criticisms are mainly

Growers Should Open Their Eyes To Opportunities

Adapt or die. Well, death as a consequence is probably a bit extreme. The adapt-or-become-irrelevant concept, however, has never been truer for greenhouse floriculture. These are tough times. Unfair times, even. But the more your business’s value proposition mirrors your neighbor’s, the closer you are to becoming irrelevant. Silver Vase, the South Florida orchid and

Silver Vase’s Latest Innovation

Silver Vase made such a splash with ‘Blue Mystique’ at the 2011 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition that topping the orchid introduction this year was quite the challenge. Still, Silver Vase continues to innovate with this week’s introduction of Phalaenopsis orchids in a variety of new shapes. The new Silver line forms Phalaenopsis orchids into hearts,

What’s New With Just Add Ice?

Green Circle Growers produced a consumer report this month based on data it collected from surveying Just Add Ice orchid consumers. Among the highlights: • Eighty-six percent of Just Add Ice orchid consumers are female. Forty-two percent of consumers are between the ages of 50 and 65, while another 26 percent are 66 and older.