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Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

Silver Vase’s Latest Innovation

Silver Vase made such a splash with ‘Blue Mystique’ at the 2011 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition that topping the orchid introduction this year was quite the challenge. Still, Silver Vase continues to innovate with this week’s introduction of Phalaenopsis orchids in a variety of new shapes. The new Silver line forms Phalaenopsis orchids into hearts,

Silver Vase Not The Only ‘Blue Orchid’ Producer

Silver Vase is to the Mystiques as Plainview Growers is to Colorfuze Orchids. That’s right: The New Jersey grower is also producing three orchid varieties with the dye-infusion technique. Plainview’s dye-infused orchids, known as Colorfuze, are ‘Blue Diamond,’ ‘Purple Fusion’ and ‘Lavender Mist.’ Silver Vase made the big splash when it launched the Mystiques –

SunPatiens Showing No Signs Of Downy Mildew

Although downy mildew only affected Impatiens walleriana in parts of the Northeastern United States last year, its spread across much of Europe should serve as an indicator of what could come this spring or in the coming years here in the U.S. “The downy mildew issue has been devastating in Europe,” says Mark Seguin, marketing

Plants That Work Brand Now Officially Imperial’s, Willoway’s

Imperial Nurseries and Willoway Nurseries have acquired the Plants That Work and Plants That Work by Color brands once owned by Carolina Nurseries. The Novalis name will carry on with the new partnership. Many of the products in the existing Plants That Work lines will remain, Imperial Nurseries President Greg Schaan says. Others will be

Aris To Acquire Several McGregor Assets

Once McGregor Plant Sales’ relationship with importer and distributor Florexpo crumbled, Aris Horticulture stepped in last summer to make sure McGregor’s unrooted perennial customers were being taken care of. “As we talked more with McGregor, I learned they were very good on the import business and had relationships with suppliers we didn’t tap into in

Silver Vase: ‘We Were Ready To Take On The Heat’

Nearly one year has passed since Silver Vase introduced the world to ‘Blue Mystique’ orchid at last year’s Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition (TPIE). The orchid and its dye-infused companions have been a subject of controversy since TPIE, but in an interview with Greenhouse Grower, Silver Vase’s marketing director says she expected the criticism from the

The Must-Have, Field Trial-Proven Plants

Each year around the United States, hundreds of new plant varieties are tested. We’ve broken down the results of 13 trials at university demonstration gardens, Extension plots and commercial grower operations, to offer you plants that meet the highest performance standards. Midwest Region Michigan State, Best in Show: Pennisetum Graceful Grasses ‘Vertigo’“This Proven Winners entry

LL Klink Is A Greenhouse Emergency Service Provider

Larry Gude won’t forget Feb. 5, 2010 anytime soon. That’s the date a monumental winter storm dumped two feet of snow on his greenhouses in Frederick County, Md., forcing a collapse of about 30,000 square feet at Gude Brothers Greenhouse. “The snow was very deep and very wet,” Gude says. “One of the sections of

Take A Look Around The New

I’M sometimes asked what role magazines will play in the future as the world becomes more technological. My belief is that magazines will likely have a place, but their role will be quite different. If you think about it, technology is already changing the way we deliver information to you. For some of you, the

Garden State Growers Mirrors The Starbucks Model

The question is probably one all growers have asked themselves: How can greenhouse floriculture take a commodity plant, just like Starbucks did years ago with coffee, and turn it into something consumers must have? Roy den Hollander, an owner of Garden State Growers in Pittstown, N.J., has thought long and hard about that question, and