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Marc Clark is executive vice president at Rocket Farms in Salinas, Calif. Learn more about Rocket Farms at You can reach Clark at

3 Ways To Make Commodities Premium Items

Marc Clark, executive vice president of Rocket Farms in Salinas, Calif., offers advice to add value to your product: 1 Reposition existing plants. Bring outdoor plants inside with smaller, more compact varieties like sunflowers and coleus. Repackage them in ceramic pots or baskets. Most consumers won’t care that a sunflower is typically planted outdoors. If

Rocket Farms’ Clark: Growing Herbs Organically

Rocket Farms has been an established grower in California’s Salinas Valley for more than 25 years, synonymous to many with beautiful orchids and high-quality poinsettias. We’re also known for our innovation, so while some would say not to mess with a good thing and just stick with what we know works, we can’t resist an