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About Melanie Neff

Melanie Neff ( is technical support specialist for Aris Green Leaf Plants in Lancaster, Penn. She and the product support team are responsible for the company’s 1.5-acre trial garden.

Increase Spring Sales With Multi-purpose Herbs

Herbs have a fascinating economic and social history. Ancient civilizations used herbs for healing and in religious ceremonies. Over time, herbs were woven into myths, lore and legends. Today, many herbs are commercially produced for various reasons, including usage for the food industry, natural health remedies and in perfumes and cosmetics. In our horticulture industry,

How To Grow And Sell Penstemon

Penstemon is an overwhelmingly diverse genus with approximately 250 different species. This genus includes plants that are evergreen, deciduous, shrubby, tall and low-growing. Also known as beard tongue, penstemon exhibits tolerance of a wide range of climates. Most penstemon are native to North and Central America, which encompasses the dry California climate, the higher altitudes

Dendranthema Igloo Series Adds More Colors

The Igloo series of perennial garden-mum-like dendranthemas brings tremendous flower power to the summer and early fall perennial border. Three additions add depth to the series, bringing new flower forms and a new color to round out the mix:‘Fireworks Igloo’ with pink spider flowers;  ‘Icicle Igloo’ with white daisy flowers and ‘Sizzling Igloo,’ which features