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Going For Broker-less

Dan Gibson didn’t grow up in the horticulture industry. You can’t fault him for that, though, because his route to growing might be the next best thing. Gibson, the president of First Step Greenhouses, was first introduced to greenhouse growing as an engineer for Q-COM, a horticultural environmental controls company. “After our guys installed a

No Soil, No Problem

Plastic pop bottles, for many of us, are another way of referring to polyethylene terephthalate (PET). This thermoplastic polymer is most commonly used to create the containers we use for foods and beverages. It’s also one of the most commonly recycled materials in the world. But did you know that PET is now making a

10 Tips For Improving Heating In The Greenhouse

Winter drafts. They’re enough to send chills down your back, especially when you start thinking about possible gaps, tears and holes in and around your greenhouse. Nothing’s worse than escaping heat and losing money at the same time. What follows are 10 action items that will help keep more of your heating dollars safely in

Growing For One?

Growing for the consumer, that’s what you do, no matter where your place is in the growing process. You have it down to a science − you know how many to grow and when to grow them. Now try placing the word “online” before consumer. At first take, it might sound like an unpredictable commitment

Colorfully Cajun

Remember walking into a Baskin Robbins ice-cream parlor when you were a kid? So many flavors to choose from – 31 to be exact. It was enough to make your little league baseball cap spin on top of your head. Visiting Dupont Nursery (and its website) is a lot like that, especially for hibiscus lovers.

Greenhouse Films: Stretching It

While polyethylene film may last a lifetime in the landfill, the time it spends housing your plants isn’t nearly as impressive. Traditionally, most long-life greenhouse films are guaranteed for four years. “What growers are trying to do is stretch it,” says Nick Calabro, Northeast regional sales manager for Klerks Hyplast, Inc. “Growers are going an

Environmental Controls Go Gold

A party is certainly in order for the team at Priva. The kind of party that only comes around every 50 years. “We’re still in the planning process,” says Priva communications specialist Pam Cicci. Priva, a company that specializes in climate control for greenhouse horticulture, got its start back in 1959 under the name Valk

Online Only: The Next Step In Greenhouse Films

Greenhouse film doesn’t last forever. Well, maybe in landfills, but it definitely doesn’t last that long on your greenhouses. Just think about it. If you don’t recycle that film, it’s going to sit in a landfill somewhere, taking up space. The thought of going that route sends chills up Karen Kritz’s spine. Kritz heads up

Online Only: Two Way Street

One thing most people know about Lloyd Traven of Peace Tree Farm is that he doesn’t have a problem speaking his mind. His weekly “Rants,” sent out by eMail, touch on just about anything that he finds worthy of his two cents. They are generally well-received (sometimes not) and often conjure up discussions and feedback

Deadhead Common Diseases

In our “Taking Out The Top Five” article, Greenhouse Grower asked the technical experts from our industry’s leading chemical companies for tips on insect prevention, diagnosis and treatment. This month, we’re using that same mold, but we’re now seeking out advice to tackle some of the most common diseases growers face worldwide. Keep in mind