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Mihalek is a former Meister Media Worldwide editor.

Taking Out The Top Five Pests

What do mites, aphids, thrips, whiteflies and leafminers have in common? Aside from being a royal pain in the neck, they’re a motley crew that’s undoubtedly called one of your plants home at one time or another. On a recent visit to the offices of Greenhouse Grower, Bert Wagemans, the ornamental business lead for the

Constant Variables

Some growers were raised into it, and for some, their customers demand it from them. But for Lloyd Traven of Peace Tree Farm, going organic was more like an epiphany. Traven vividly remembers the moment that forced him to rethink his approach as a grower: After delivering herbs to a customer, Traven recalls standing around

Seamless Software

“There’s an idea out in the industry that software’s not essential and I think that’s really hurting the industry’s move forward,” says Sharon Nuss, vice president of Starcom Computer Corp. “Because it is an essential core piece to running your business.” According to Nuss, you have to start integrating the various departments of your business

The More, The Merrier

Mixing the unrooted cuttings of three different cultivars into one liner just makes sense, doesn’t it? It does for breeders Dömmen USA and Selecta First Class. Now growers across the country can get more bang for their buck, while cutting back on time and labor. The Confetti liner, created by the Dömmen USA team, is

Retailing Green: A No-Brainer

Each year, the United States uses nearly 100 million tons of plastic. That’s a lot of non-earth-friendly material filling up our landfills. And unfortunately, most plastics take eons to decompose, and the risk of perpetuating disease keeps many nurseries from reusing plastic pots. It sounds hopeless, doesn’t it? Especially when plastic containers are all we,