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Régis Larouche ( is an agronomist with Agrisys Consultants Inc. His specialties include crop protection, biological control and computerized climate control of the greenhouse environment.

Irrigation And Fertilizer Tips For New Vegetable Growers

Compared to other variable costs, fertilizers are not the largest part of the budget in conventional greenhouse production. Nevertheless, over the course of the season, mistakes in fertilizer use can lead to significant damages or crop losses. That makes this an important topic for ornamental growers who are experimenting with growing vegetable crops. This article

Labor Management Tips For Greenhouse Vegetables

Shifting production from ornamentals to vegetable crops can be relatively simple with regard to production. However, there are a number of things you will need to consider with regard to the organization and training of your staff. This article will focus on labor management applicable to a variety of greenhouse vegetable crops. The labor requirements

Four Food Safety And Handling Considerations For Greenhouse Vegetables

Vegetable production isn’t all that different from ornamentals production for a veteran grower. But if you’re growing vegetables to harvest and market rather than selling the plants themselves, there are some important differences. As an edible crop, there are some food safety and handling considerations you may not have thought about. Before you decide to add