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Richard Lindquist, now retired, most recently served OHP as its senior technical director.

4 Pest Control Products

If the rumors are true, there are still insect and mite problems on greenhouse crops. The problems are being caused by the usual suspects–the pest group names have not changed much over the decades (although individual species within groups have varied). There’s just been a periodic reshuffling of the rankings in a kind of whack-a-mole

What To Look For This Summer

Summer is usually the time of more intense insect and mite pest pressure, simply because temperatures are warmer and many major pests develop faster – or in some cases, just develop, which they do not do outdoors in a northern winter. Mites and insects are “cold-blooded” animals that are affected by temperatures. Feeding, reproduction, development

Better Pest Management by Richard Lindquist

It’s hard enough to remember yesterday at my age, let alone to predict the future–especially a future 25 years out. As I thought about things like long-range weather forecasts, preseason sports predictions and pre-primary predictions of who the presidential candidates would be, my confidence returned. These predictions–by experts–are for periods as short as three days