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Grower Trials Benefit The Whole Industry [Opinion]

Each year, growers are faced with the choice of what to grow for the following spring. It’s an important decision requiring evaluation of a number of factors: what sold well last year, what shipped well, what will fit into the production schedule, what had a decent profit margin. And then there are the hundreds of

Two New Plant Marketing Concepts From Spring Trials 2013

Two new marketing concepts presented at Spring Trials this year are designed not just to attract customers’ attention, but to make them more comfortable with the plants they ultimately choose. The People’s Choice POP concept introduced this year by MasterTag allows growers and retailers to highlight award-winning plants to 1) make consumers aware that these

Breeding Perennials For Deer And Disease Resistance, Drought Tolerance

Perennials offer a plethora of benefits to gardeners and landscapers. Chief among them is the fact that they don’t need to be planted every year, saving both time and money. Perennials also offer a huge variety of flower colors and shapes, as well as an infinite number of foliage colors and textures. So what then,

The End Of The Ecke Era [opinion]

Once upon a time, in 1900, a man named Albert Ecke arrived in Hollywood, Calif., from Germany, intending to continue on to Fiji and open a health spa. Instead, he opened a fruit and dairy farm and dabbled with his love of flowers. Albert and his son, Paul, became interested in the wild poinsettia that

Growing New Gardeners

What you do matters, even if it seems insignificant at the time. There has been a great deal of talk in the greenhouse industry about how to get younger generations involved in gardening. We have talked about it too.Appealing to new gardeners is a focus of two of the priorities of Greenhouse Grower’s Grow Initiative

Helping Plants Help Themselves

You know that if you take your vitamins, eat right and get enough sleep, you get sick less often. In some ways, the same is true for plants; a plant with a healthy root system, an optimum growing environment and plenty of stored energy is much better able to weather stress than one that’s already

Scouting Is More Than Looking For Insects

Catching problems before they become problems in a greenhouse requires a trained eye and a regular routine of monitoring plant health. While scouting is most often thought of as checking for insect pests, in broader terms it means monitoring overall plant health – checking for nutrient deficiency symptoms, under or overwatering, hot spots or cold

Meet Greenhouse Grower’s New Editor

Hi. I’m Robin Siktberg and I’m the new editor of Greenhouse Grower. I haven’t had a chance to meet many of you yet, so I’d like to let you know a little about who I am. “I want to write and I want to do something with plants,” was always my standard answer from a