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A Welcome Side Effect

All growers know that while many things have to go right to get a healthy crop to market, only one thing has to go wrong to ruin it. Usually they know this from painful experience. Despite careful monitoring of temperature, light, nutrients, moisture and humidity, plus constant attention to the presence of diseases or pests,

An Apple A Day

Having a tool such as Pageant® Intrinsic™ to provide plants with an extra boost to help them weather times of stress is a real bonus for growers. However, it can’t be relied on 100 percent – nothing can. The first line of defense for keeping plants in tip-top shape so they have the best chance

Low-Moisture, Heat-Tolerant Plants

Pretty isn’t enough for perennials and shrubs anymore. They also need to be drought tolerant and heat resistant and produce abundant, fragrant flowers over a long bloom time. Oh, and it’d be great if they attracted butterflies, bees or other beneficial wildlife, too. It’s a tall order, but perennial and shrub breeders are rising to

The Newest Trends For Blooming Potted Plants

The operative phrase in 2012 for blooming potted plant producers is “what’s new?” be it new genetics, new uses for familiar plants or new ways to market products. “What we’re seeing is that sales of your more traditional pot plants have probably declined over the past two or three years,” says Kevin Roethle, head of