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Next Generation Coleus Offers Production Advantages

Coleus has been reinvented so many times over the past 50 years that it is often hard to remember what the plants used to be like. Even the scientific name has been reinvented multiple times in just the last five years. What was once known as Coleus blumei became Solenostemon scutellarioides, which then became Plectranthus

Growing Calibrachoa Successfully

Plants bred in colder regions often don’t have as much heat tolerance, and plants bred for heat tolerance can be somewhat less able to deal with early-season cold greenhouses and wet soil conditions. Each grower needs to experiment and decide what works best in his or her location.

Heat Tolerance Sets New Alyssums Apart

The  goal of Proven Winners’ lobularia breeding program was to bring a fragrant, easy, all-season performer into a crop that previously had a very limited range of success. The Princess and Knight collection of hybrid lobularia look like sweet alyssum, but appearances can be deceiving. Where old-fashioned seed-type alyssum do well only in Mediterranean climates,

Fruit Punch Dianthus Kicks Up Proven Winners’ Product Lines

Proven Winners has announced the release of the Fruit Punch series of hardy dianthus in USDA Zones 4 to 9. This crop is easy to produce and provides color on retail shelves from late spring into summer, often reblooming in fall for the home gardener. Members of this series are all fully double and fragrant,

How To Grow Rockapulco

Proven Winners has made its first addition to the double impatiens Rockapulco collection in Coral Reef. ‘Rockapulco Coral Reef’ has a unique color, as petals emerge coral and turn to a bright, electrifying pink as they age. All of the Rockapulcos are vigorous and feature flowers that resemble miniature roses or camellias. Lighting Production guidelines

‘Sweet Caroline Bewitched’ From Proven Winners

One of the only non-vining ornamental sweet potatoes on the market is ‘Sweet Caroline Bewitched.’ Known for its mounding habit, dark purple-black foliage and characteristic bat wing leaf shape, ‘Sweet Caroline Bewitched’ makes a great container plant without becoming a bully, and it’s also great in the landscape–especially in the sunbelt where old-fashioned types can

‘Intensia Blueberry’ Phlox Is Focused On Performance

The Intensia phlox series, introduced in 2003, was based on an interspecific hybrid with a wild species that gave the series a huge jump forward in heat tolerance, powdery mildew resistance and overall vigor. One of the other advantages to interspecific hybrids is they are usually sterile, or at least produce fewer seed. And because

Daisy May Leucanthemum From Proven Winners

Leucanthemum, which is commonly known as Shasta daisy, is a staple of the perennial portfolio. Most consumers know the plant for its large white or pale yellow flowers that bloom from June to July. The challenge with Shasta daisy, though, has always been bringing it forward for earlier sales without sacrificing the perennial part of