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Richard T. Meister is chairman emeritus and editor-at-large of Meister Media Worldwide.

30 More Years Of Greenhouse Growth Is Within Our Grasp

The great growth era for floriculture that occurred from the end of World War II up until the beginning of the 21st century was remarkable for an astonishing and marvelously insatiable boom in demand for flowering plants to beautify the expanding middle class investment in homes, patios and gardens.

Exploring The World Of Exotics And Natives

On a mountain aerie in West Virginia is an unusual plant collection that would likely satisfy the desires of the most ardent gardener. It is called Sunshine Farm and Gardens, and it is spread over the mountain, in hoop houses and along ridges and valleys where the varied microclimate fits the different species and cultivars.

Saluting Will Carlson

Shortly before he died, I had a talk with Will in which he said “My work is done.” What a “work” that was! Will was one of the foremost floriculturists of our time. He was a leader whose enquiring mind, energy and drive changed the face of floriculture and brought untold millions of dollars of

Greenhouse Grower At 25

Greenhouses are mighty engines of production, and the growers who run them are combining sophisticated and delicate methods of growing plants with the practicalities of a profit-and-loss statement. It has long been an objective to have a publication solely for this expanding industry, and this goal is being realized with this, our premier issue. With

Remembering John Seeley 1915-2007

John G. Seeley was one of the last of the great floriculturists of the 20th century. He was one of a select group of land grant college scientists who combined research, Extension and teaching to propel floriculture to astonishing market growth during the 1900s. It is one of the great success stories of plant science. As