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Sara Tambascio is senior online editor of Greenhouse Grower and Today's Garden Center. You can eMail her at or follower her on Twitter @Sara_GG_TGC.

Smackdown: Should We Sell Plants In Bud Or In Bloom?

Instant gratification or the full experience of growing a plant from bud to bloom? While color may catch the customer’s eye at retail, does that make for a successful gardening experience at home? “The joy is in the journey not the destination,” said Joe Lamp’l during his keynote presentation at OFA Short Course. “It’s nice

Funding The Floriculture Industry: The Farm Bill

Industry research into pest and disease management, and increasingly, marketing and other research opportunities are available to ornamental growers through the Farm Bill. The 2012 version — which continues to support valuable programs like these — has just passed through the Senate and now makes its way to the House. The House Agriculture Committee should begin

Apps In The Greenhouse

Having Angry Birds in the greenhouse probably sounds like a bad thing. The popular smartphone game won’t improve your greenhouse business, but other apps are helping growers improve communication and production. Here are a few apps to check out. TeamViewer and LogMeIn Away from the greenhouse but need to make adjustments to software? TeamViewer and

Why I’m A Gardener And You Should Be, Too

It was all a big accident. Or maybe it was karma. Whatever it was, I’m glad it happened. Everyone says you should do yoga or exercise, do something to relieve stress and get out from behind a desk. So I garden. And it’s a win-win-win, because I get exercise, I improve the value of my

What Is Pinterest And Why Is It Good For Floriculture?

Pinterest is the social site that lets users keep track of their favorite photos and group them into categories, called boards. This is the ultimate lookbook. By placing more emphasis on images than text, users have a way to save images of everything they like, from wedding plans to summer garden plans. “What Tumblr was

Botanists Loosen Rules On Latin Plant Descriptions

Botanists of the International Botanical Congress (IBC) have dropped the requirement that newly discovered species be described in Latin, offering the option to use English or Latin descriptions instead, The Washington Post reports. These changes to the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature went into effect on January 1. “The part that is being relaxed is