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Tim Higham is the CEO of Interstate Logistics Group, the largest dedicated logistics provider to the horticultural market. You can eMail him at Learn more at or call toll free at 866-281-1281 x1323.

Driving Home A Point by Tim Higham

Transportation and logistics are going to get worse–a lot worse. I don’t want to paint a bleak picture, but the outlook for traditional transportation and distribution will make grown men and women cry. Why? Two major reasons: First, trucks run on oil, and oil prices are going to rise for decades to come. That’s right–decades,

Do I Use My Own Trucks Or A Common Carrier?

Many growers call me here at Interstate and tell me they have their own trucks and drivers and they only use common carriers for the “occasional load.” They justify this by telling me how common carriers are too expensive, so they bought their own trucks and trailers. My next question to them is always, “What is

The Transportation Headache

Never in this industry has the pain of getting your product to the customer been so great and there seems to be little relief in sight. The transportation and distribution challenge has always been one forced upon growers — a necessary evil of sorts that was just part of the business process. The problem? Cost

Outsourcing Transportation And Logistics

Distribution is one of the biggest issues faced by growers – and a business in which many growers have been forced to operate in to be effective. From the very first day you opened your doors, you grew beautiful material – but at some point you had to get that material to your customer. As you


So, you’ve read all the Greenhouse Grower transportation articles, conducted meetings with your staff, readied your carriers, fired up your new technology – and you’re ready for a smooth (and less expensive) shipping season. Right? Good! Then please read on. Most of you reading this are not directly involved with the daily transportation, logistics and

The Loading And Unloading Problem

What is more expensive — hiring a truck to drive 1,000 miles with one plant on it or 2,000 plants? Well, for those who are not mathematically inclined, the cost of the transport divided up among 2,000 plants is much less than one plant. Not rocket science — right? So why is there such a debate with regard

Routing And Optimization Software — You Need It!

If there is one area of transportation that you can get the most from technology, it is reducing the number of miles your deliveries are routed and maximizing how full your trucks are. There is a reason the "C" in "PC" stands for "computing." Computers are designed, by their very definition, to take in data and

Using Distribution Technology To Save Money (And Make Your Life Easier)

Transportation is often referred to as “logistics.” Computers are great at “logistics” — people are not. I have yet to see a human being route and optimize customer orders for shipping better than a computer. Computers are designed to quickly run through millions of permutations in order to arrive at the most efficient result.  Talking Trucking  Tim

Keeping Drivers Coming Back For More Loads

Imagine that every driver that loads at your facility is only allowed to load there once. How quickly do you think it would be before you were having trouble finding drivers to take your loads to your customers? Without your own drivers or ready access to common carriers, many wholesale growers would perish. The amount

The Co-operative Movement

Difficult times call for interesting ideas – and the co-operative idea is one that has had varying levels of success for generations in several industries. In fact, rarely has such a simple idea had such a huge impact for those that earnestly participate. Risking the obvious here … the word "co-operative" comes from the word "co-operation"