Pyraclostrobin-Based Fungicides Provide Disease Control, And More Plant Health Benefits [Sponsor Content]

Disease-causing fungi can suck the life out of plants. If left unchecked, destructive fungi can – and do – wipe out entire crops, causing critical losses in quality. Fortunately, a variety of fungicides come to the rescue of growers, helping them get the most out of their greenhouses. Pyraclostrobin-based insecticides offer additional benefits other than disease control – stress tolerance and growth efficiency.

Health benefits of pyraclostrobin-based fungicides

BASF continues to conduct research on the impact and effectiveness of its fungicides. BASF is committed to helping growers improve disease control, growth efficiency and stress tolerance through Plant Health solutions that include proven, effective and innovative fungicides.

Intrinsic brand fungicides are pyraclostrobin based and offer broad-spectrum control of fungal diseases, along with the benefits of growth efficiency and stress tolerance. The products in the line include Lexicon™, Intrinsic™ brand fungicide, Insignia® SC Intrinsic™ brand fungicide, Honor® Intrinsic™ brand fungicide, Empress™ Intrinsic™ brand fungicide, and Pageant® Intrinsic™ brand fungicide.

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