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Having Angry Birds in the greenhouse probably sounds like a bad thing. The popular smartphone game won’t improve your greenhouse business, but other apps are helping growers improve communication and production. Here are a few apps to check out.

TeamViewer and LogMeIn

Away from the greenhouse but need to make adjustments to software? TeamViewer and LogMeIn apps allow users to log in remotely and access desktop computers via smartphone or tablet.
Availability: TeamViewer and LogMeIn are both available for iPhone, iPad and Android.
Cost: The TeamViewer app and TeamViewer desktop sharing (for Windows, Mac and Linux) are free and at LogMeIn is available in free and premium paid versions. Read more details at

Click here to download TeamViewer
Watch TeamViewer demo videos

Click here to download LogMeIn
Watch LogMeIn demo videos

PGR Mix Master

PGR Mix Master from the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension is a mobile version of the PGRCALC web calculator. It quickly and accurately calculates how to mix common plant growth regulators used in greenhouse ornamental production.
Availability: iPhone, Android and Blackberry
Cost: Free

Click here to download PGR Mix Master
Watch PGR Mix Master demo video

SBI Shipping App For Tablet

Confirm shipped quantities at the dock and flag orders as loaded on the truck with the SBI shipping app for iPad. Integrates with SBI Software, Picas, Sage, SAP, Oracle, Navision Software, Great Plains Dynamics and Starcom.
Availability: iPad. eMail to schedule a demo and to learn more.
Cost: $50 per month. More details at

Click here to watch an SBI Shipping App demo video

PGR Calculator From OHP

The PGR Calculator helps the user look up current PGR rates in ppm for spray or drench applications. The grower enters the desired dose and the size of the application area (L x W) or the number of pots for a drench and the app calculates the amounts of solution and product needed. Users can also access MSDS/Labels and other specific information on OHP PGR products.
Availability: iPhone
Cost: Free,

Click here to download the PGR Calculator App From OHP

Biobest’s Side-Effects Manual

Find the Biobest Side Effects Manual at your fingertips with this mobile version. The manual lists crop protection agents and their compatibility with biological controls. Search by active ingredient or trade name.
Availability: iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry
Cost: Free,

Click here to download the Biobest Side-Effect Manual for Android

Priva’s Pest & Disease

Pest & Disease helps you track pests and diseases in your greenhouse. Growers log discoveries of pests and disease in their greenhouse and synchronize with Priva Fusion management system to register their data, making tracking and decision making easier.
Availability: iPhone
Cost: Free with use of Priva’s Fusion.

Click here to download the Priva Pest & Disease app

Dirr’s Tree And Shrub Finder

Based on Michael Dirr’s Manual of Woody Landscape Plants, the Tree and Shrub Finder app covers 1,670 species and 7,800 cultivars, with more than 7,000 plant images. Search for varieties based on USDA Zone, water and light requirements, and growth characteristics. Users can also sort by common and scientific name.
Availability: iPhone
Cost: $14.99,

Click here to download the Dirr’s Tree and Shrub Finder

My Harrell’s Mobile

In this mobile app, find a searchable listing of Harrell products, MSDS and label downloads for all applicable products, sales rep contact information and a fertilizer spreader setting calculator. Harrell’s customers have the ability to save foliar calculator settings; see recent purchases and open orders and a three-year purchase summary.
Availability: iPhone and Android
Cost: Free,

Click here to download My Harrell’s Mobile app for iPhone
Click here to download My Harrell’s Mobile app for Android


Share photos and documents between your phone and desktop, and with others, even if they don’t use Dropbox. A desktop app makes it easy
to share.
Availability: iPhone, iPad and Android
Cost: Free 2GB of storage, plus 50MB more per referral, up to 18 GB. Pro plans start at $9.99 per month for 50 GB. More details at

Click here to download Dropbox
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