8 Tips For Getting Started In Social Media

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1. Set your goals ahead of time detailing what your operation wants to get out of social media. This will help you focus your message appropriately.

2. Research each channel to find the one that suits your goals the best.

3. Identify the audience you want to reach ahead of time: is it consumers, retailers, growers or some other segment?

4. Have a plan for posting – who does it, how often, who answers consumer questions, what type of content at what time, etc.

5. Keep it fresh on each channel if you do multiple (i.e., don’t post the same thing on Facebook and Twitter every single time).

6. Go with your existing strengths when choosing content and channels. If you have an extensive photo gallery, send your audience to photos via Facebook or Twitter. If you have video, send them to YouTube or videos on your website.

7. Track posts that get the most views and comments to see what your audience wants.

8. Have an overall calendar for posting, but also throw in spontaneous and light-hearted posts to keep it personal and fun.

Jennifer Polanz is a freelance writer with Grasshopper Freelance. She can be eMailed at jepolanz@gmail.com.

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