Glass Corner Greenhouses Closes

Last week Glass Corner Greenhouses in Grand Rapids, Mich. announced it has shut down its operations and transferred its young plants business to Neal Mast & Son Greenhouses.

In a letter to brokers and sales representatives dated Oct. 31, owners Rick and Joyce Mast wrote:”

“It is with great sadness and deep regret we must inform you that Glass Corner Greenhouses will cease operations as of this date. Due to five years of continuous setbacks and extraordinary circumstances, we are unable to meet our debts and financial obligations, therefore forcing us to close our business. After exhausting all financial possibilities and investing everything both personally and professionally to save the company, it is impossible for us to remain in operation as Glass Corner Greenhouses.”

 Related to transferring the young plants business to Neal Mast & Son, the couple wrote:

“Only the name is different; everything else you have been accustomed to in our business relationship will remain the same. Neal Mast Greenhouses will be employing the Young Plant staff from Glass Corner, and we will be able to carry on with the same degree of quality and service you have come to expect and count on from us. More details will follow in the coming weeks. … We want to assure you that all current orders in house will be fulfilled and we will supply everything that has been booked. Please continue to book your orders as you have in the past-same email address, phone and fax numbers. We will let you know if there will be any changes in ordering process. You can count on us for the same high quality and customer service that have characterized our business since we began operations.”

We at Greenhouse Grower wish Rick and Joyce and all the employees at Glass Corner Greenhouses the best.

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