HortiMax CropView Keeps An Eye On Crops 24/7

HortiMax CropView Keeps An Eye On Crops 24/7

HortiMaX CropView integrates high-resolution digital photography with HortiMaX climate computer technology to help growers keep a closer eye on their crops. The CropView camera takes both overall and detailed photographic images of a crop and stores these, enabling growers to view current and past images of crop responses in detail.

HortiMaX CropView uses Nikon cameras that continuously send high resolution photographs to the computer’s memory, which growers can then play forward or back (zoomed in or out) in rapid succession, creating a film of crop responses. Macro and wide angle lenses are optional.

By playing the images like a film, CropView users are able to watch 24 hours of crop development in 30 seconds, noting condensation (promoting fungi growth), pollen or minute differences in flowering or stem size (important in rose production) are captured in perfect detail and can be analysed and corrected using synchronous graphs that are constantly updated.

HortiMax CropView will be on display at Horti Fair, where it has been nominated for a Horti Fair Innovation Award. See CropView at stand number 01.0517.

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