Plant Patent Primer

These days, it’s hard to flip open the pages of a plant catalog or see a plant tag without the notation “PPAF” or “USPP#.” Most people in our industry know these notations stand for “Plant Patent Applied For” and “U.S. Plant Patent No. #.” The acronyms indicate a United States plant patent has been applied for, or that a U.S. plant patent has been granted. U.S. plant patents are a great way to protect the intellectual property rights of a plant, increase a company’s royalties and generate revenue, as well as create an intellectual property portfolio. But a question remains: What is a U.S. plant patent? Patent Requirements A U.S. plant patent is a property right that protects asexually reproduced plant varieties, which include many vegetative ornamental plants, trees, vines and fruit plants. The owner of a U.S. plant patent has the right for 20 years from the filing of … Continue reading Plant Patent Primer